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Frosty is an artist, gamer and Lego enthusiast. You can find her playing games, eating snacks and painting frogs. 

Frosty loves food, animals and alternative fashion. She created Frosty's Boutique to share her favourite things with you in the form of cute art and accessories!

Welcome to Frosty’s Boutique!


Here are some important things to know before you shop:



-All items are handmade and therefore may vary slightly in size, colour and general appearance


-Please check the product descriptions for listed materials and estimated dimensions


-There will be regular restocks to allow Frosty time to craft new stock for the store. Please keep an eye on the shop Instagram page for restock dates.


-Keep an eye out for new exciting stuff each restock!


-All items are checked for faults and packed carefully to ensure they will arrive to you safely


-Some items are created from upcycled materials, including thrifted pieces turned into new creations for you to enjoy! (please note that all items are washed and checked for quality before being used)


-Prices are listed in Australian dollars


-Here at Frosty’s Boutique we are doing our best to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible in creating and posting our products


-Please make sure to re-use or recycle your packaging where possible. Our cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are recyclable!


-All glitter used is eco friendly (biodegradable)


-Our prices reflect all of the costs, time and hard work that goes into making each product


-Afterpay and LayBuy are available!


-Your order will be shipped separately from your Studios items (formerly known as Trashmama Wigs). You will receive a tracking number from us via email


-Items will be shipped within 1-5 business days of your purchase


-All orders shipped within Australia will be sent via express post. All other orders will be sent by regular tracked post


-We have a strict no returns policy. Please contact Frosty via email for customer service with any queries or issues with your order, and we will help you out. If your product was damaged during transit it is the responsibility of the postal service. Please make sure to contact them immediately


-You must contact Frosty via email within 1 week of receiving your item with any problems or faults with your products. Please make sure to include details such as your order or shipping number, a description of your issue or question, and photographs if necessary


-We take no responsibility for the wear and tear of your items after they have arrived to you


-All fabric items are NOT machine washable. Please use a clean damp cloth to spot clean fabric where necessary only.


-Clay items are sealed with a waterproof gloss coat, but please try to avoid getting them wet where possible. If you need to clean them you can use a soft damp cloth.

-Do not leave your clay items in direct sunlight for extended periods of time as this can damage the paint on items such as ornaments and incense holders.


-Please be aware that the price of shipping reflects the actual cost for us to ship your items and there is no way for us to reduce that cost (we do not profit from the shipping charges)

-Contact Frosty via email to discuss custom order requests for clay and fabric pieces

-Clip on options are available for earrings, just select "clip on" from the drop down menu when shopping


By purchasing from our store you understand and agree to the conditions above. 

Contact Frosty here for customer service: (Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible)


Tag us on Instagram @shopfrostysboutique #shopfrostysboutique 

Thanks for shopping from Frosty’s Boutique!

rude frog with exclamations crop.png
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