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*This product will ship when the products come in - ETA mid-end Febuary*


~ 1x Fairy Floss Gradient Ponie

~ 1x Pink Tipped Clamp Hanger

~ 1x  Pink Organza Bag

~ 1x Mascara Wand (for flyaways) 

~ 2x Hair Ties

~ 2x Bobby Pins






24-30 inches but can be trimmed to desired length.



Drawstring Ponie

* Made with high quality synthetic fiber, styled to krimped  fairy floss perfection <3 



Can be heat styled with any heat tool up to 120 degrees. ALWAYS strand test before styling the entire ponie. Ponie can also be styled with a steamer & curling noodles/wavers etc. It is advised to get our ponies heat styled by us @ trashmamawigs as we can easily style, braid the ponie of your dreams without damage to the hair.  Contact us for requests on custom orders.



  • Put hair into a really tight bun, by plating the hair or twisting the hair around itself and pin in place. 

  • Loosen drawstring stopper by pressing the button and pulling back. Pry the pony cap apart lightly and grasp the edge where the claws are.

  • Place the pony cap around the bun and stick the claw combs into the front of the bun and the back. 

  • Pull drawstring tight around the bun to lock in place. 

  • If you would like to cover the edges of the ponie, you can do so by grabbing a section of hair from the back.

  • Loop the hair over the edge to cover, pin in place to hold (hairspray if needed). 


Sets of 2 can be purchased in the PIGTAILS COMBO listing. If you wish to order two different colors for your set, let us know which two colors in the "notes" section upon checkout. 



All sales are final due to sanitation purposes.

No Returns No Exchanges

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